New Star Foodservice Wok Set

Size: Natural Round Bottom Wok 14"
Sale price$64.97


  • Lightweight Commercial Grade 14 inch Round Bottom Carbon Steel Pow Wok transfers heat more efficiently, searing foods more effectively than woks of other materials and retains heat longer.
  • A long 8"" wood handle keeps your hands cool and gives you leverage and control to lift and easily move the Wok while its 14"" diameter helps avoid food crowding to get the desired stir fry taste opposed to the steamed taste that too close a proximity creates.
  • Pow Woks durable, strong high walls allow for more thorough stirring while preventing foods from jumping out keeping your space clean during cooking.
  • Comes with Wok Rack/Ring and Wok Spatula. Approximately 10"" & 18"". To use Wok Rack/Ring place on top of (or remove) black grates and center over the burner to improve heating source. Wok Spatula designed for curvature of Wok to shovel and flip food easily.
  • For best results it is important to dry after washing and keep oiled to avoid rust spots. Hand Wash Recomended.

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