New Star Foodservice 1028737 Commercial-Grade Stainless Steel Specialty Chinese Wok Utensil Set, Spatula, Solid and Perforated Ladle, 16-Inch, 17-Inch, 17-Inch (Hand Wash Recommended)

Sale price$27.97


  • All Specialty Wok Utensils are constructed from a sturdy, heat resistant, commercial grade stainless steel combined with a comfortable light wood handle, blending traditional tools and modern style
  • Wok Spatula is designed for the curvature of a wok to easily flip and shovel meats and vegetables from a comfortable distance keeping your hands safe from intense heat. Approximately 17.1 inches. 
  • Wok Ladle is an essential, versatile tool with multiple uses for Asian-style cooking. Excellent for ladling soup, stir frying foods, and perfect for repeatedly and incrementally seasoning your wok as you cook so that your first ingredients aren't saturated with oil. Approximately 16.1 inches.
  • Perforated Wok Ladle is the ideal tool for straining oil from stir fried foods or removing bones from your broth. Approximately 17.3 inches.
  • All products in this Specialty Wok Set are dishwasher safe but for best results hand wash and hand dry 

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